In 1976 a group of Springfield residents recognized the need for a community health center to meet the increasing health and social needs of city residents. They organized a coalition, called the Springfield South End Community Health Center Development Corporation (SSECHCD), to petition for accessible and affordable primary health care
in Springfield’s South End neighborhood.


Their federal application for funding to support a Section 330 Community Health Center was approved in 1980, but the funds for this initiative were whisked away by budget cuts and priority shifts before the project could begin.


Sixteen years later, the Commissioner of the Springfield Department of Health and Human Services  revived the original effort and established a forty-member city-wide task force to revise and resubmit the application for a Section 330 Community Health Center. I 1993, the teamwork of service providers, community members and state agencies paid off, when  the United States Public Health Service approved the city’s request for funds. Upon receiving this award, the Springfield Southwest Community Health Center, now known as Caring Health Center, was born.


Since opening its doors in 1995, Caring Health Center has become the preferred health care provider in the South End of Springfield. As the community continues to welcome Latino, Russian, and Vietnamese immigrants, our commitment to providing appropriate and accessible care is demonstrated by the use of multilingual translation services, and sensitivity to the unique cultural needs of the people we serve.


Our services attract a large number of people from throughout greater Springfield. Currently we are the medical home for people from predominantly low-income and minority backgrounds. Our increased self-sufficiency has allowed us to reduce reliance on federal funding. We are steadfast in our efforts to provide  high quality patient care, as well as our commitment to offering health care for all, regardless of their ability to pay for services.


For after-hour services, please call:
(413) 739-1100

Para servicios fuera del horario de atención, llame al: (413) 739-1100.


This health center is a Health Center

Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b,

and a deemed Public Health Service

Employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).




1049 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103

532 Sumner Avenue, Springfield, MA 01108

860 Boston Road, Springfield, MA 01119


WIC OFFICES   413.693.1029

816 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01105

532 Sumner Avenue, Springfield, MA 01108

1771 Boston Road, Springfield, MA 01129



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